Friday, December 31, 2010

Commercial Airliner Overruns Jackson Hole Runway In Snowstorm

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This photo has been picked up by the Associated Press.

On Wednesday December 29, an American Airlines Boeing 757 overran Runway 19 at Jackson Hole upon landing.  The commercial flight was inbound from Chicago with 175 passengers and 181 total persons on board.  It ran into deep snow and came to a stop 358 feet past the end of the overrun apron at the end of the runway.

An eyewitness who lives next to the airport and who is also a local pilot, reported that when the plane passed his house near the end of the runway, he thought to himself "that is going way too fast".  The cause is under investigation by the NTSB and finding likely won't be released for months. 
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Upon coming to a stop, the pilot announced over the cabin PA that the breaks weren't working properly.  A video taken by a passenger during landing and posted to You Tube, and reposted on this local Jackson Hole blog, showed the aircraft landing and then rolling a considerable distance down the runway before the reversers deployed to assist in slowing the aircraft.  Normally the reversers are deployed immediately after touchdown and can be set to auto-deploy on the Boeing 757.

According to Jackson Hole Airport director Ray Bishop and reported by JH News & Guide, visibility at the airport was 1-1/2 miles in light snow.  The runway braking conditions were reported as good and the runway was in good condition.

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Airport neighbors and locals stopped to remark and take photos of the American Airlines 757 aircraft 653 feet past the end of the runway.  The overrun was immediately picked up on news reports worldwide and reported within an hour live on Fox News Channel and other radio and television outlets.  News reports flourised across the internet.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Private Jets Underway For Jackson Hole's New Flight Charters

Here in Jackson Hole, winter visitor and ski season is back in full swing.  With the heavy early season snowfall, and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opening the full mountain on opening day, an excellent season is underway and forecast to continue.  Winter visitors and skiers from all over the world are flying into world-class winter destination Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Private jet traffic is expected to be heavier than normal, and jet charter opportunities to and from Jackson Hole have never been better.  Literally hundreds of discounted private jet flights are planned  over the next two weeks.
Jackson Hole Jet Charter © Copyright 2010 New Flight Charters
 Jackson Hole's own New Flight Charters arranges the absolute best value charters with the largest selection of top-rated aircraft and operators for Jackson Hole and nationwide.  With the Best Price Guarantee, the company's  operators will beat other charter quotes or you receive $500. 

The below private jet empty leg listing is a small sample of jet charter values available for Jackson Hole flights:

December 19
Jackson Hole WY - Teterboro NJ
Embraer Legacy, large jet
Only $24,900

December 19-20
Jackson Hole WY - Los Angeles CA
Learjet 60, midsize jet
Only $8,900

December 22-26
Jackson Hole WY - Cabo San Lucas MX
Embraer Legacy, large jet
Only $24,900

December 25-26
Jackson Hole WY - Oakland CA
King Air 200, executive turboprop
Only $3,900

December 25-26
Jackson Hole WY - Oakland CA
King Air 200, executive turboprop
Only $3,900

December 26-27
Teterboro NJ - Jackson Hole WY
Embraer Legacy, large jet
Only $27,900

December 27-28
Jackson Hole WY - New Orleans LA
Global Express, large jet
Only $44,900

December 29
Jackson Hole WY - Stuart FL
Learjet 55, midsize jet
Only $17,900

January 2
Scottsdale AZ - Jackson Hole WY
Falcon 20, midsize jet
Only $6,900

One Ways listed are current at the time of posting, and subject to change, availability, or prior sale. Prices listed are all-inclusive except tax 7.5%

New Flight Charters features operators with safety ratings or registrations from IS-BAO, ARG/US, Wyvern LTD, or ACSF, normally several combined.  See jet charter safety for details.  Flights arranged by New Flight Charters have a perfect safety history since the company's inception, 2003.

For more information, or a Jackson Hole air charter quote for any type flight, call New Flight Charters at 307-734-7751 or 800-732-1653.  Charter Managers on duty 24/7.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jackson Hole's Private Jet Company New Flight Charters Announces Record November Business

Record Charter Sales November 2011
The Jackson Hole air charter company experienced a single-month record, 105 flights arranged during November 2011 for Jackson Hole and nationwide, which was the largest single-month of business since the company's inception 8 years ago.

Private Aircraft Choices
November charter aircraft chosen ranged from the 14-passenger Gulfstream V down to the 5-passenger King Air 90 executive turboprop.   Light and midsize jets made for the majority of aircraft choices - 54% of flghts.  Twins, turboprops and heavy jets shared the remainder 46% of flights.  Twenty-one private jets are available for Jackson Hole departures according to the listing of Jackson Hole private jets.

Private Jet Destinations
Jet charter destinations during November covered 31 states and 9 foreign countries.  The most popular international destinations were Caribbean islands and Mexico. 
© photo copyright New Flight Charters
"We are quite pleased with November business" said Rick Colson, New Flight Charters' president, "The quality and price offerings for each charter are resulting in more bookings.  Private Jet operators love to fly for New Flight Charters and we're able to get some terrific rates."
Jackson Hole Private Jet Company
The history and experience of the private jet company is benefitting it's customers;  the management team is one of the most experienced and seasoned in the industry, and known to almost every charter jet operator in the country.  The four-member management team features a combined:
  • 21 Years Charter Arranging Experience
  • 30 Years FAA-Certified Aviation Experience
  • 79 Years Executive Management Experience
  • 16,500 Hours Personal Flight Experience
New Flight Charters touts working with the top-rated national aircraft and operators for Jackson Hole, Wyoming and nationwide, along with it's Best Price Guarantee. According to the guarantee which applies to every charter request, the company will beat any other charter quote or pay $500 cash.

Perfect Safety
Chartering the top safety-rated aircraft, flights arranged by New Flight Charters boast a perfect safety record since it's inception- 2003.

As experts in the field, New Flight Charters subscribes to not only one method or approval, but an overall view and evaluation of all information sources; including the FAA, IS-BAO, Wyvern LTD, and ARG/US. New Flight Charters evaluates the confluence of all information, along with the overall charter operating environment and personal experience over the past 8 years chartering thousands of flights.

Local Airports
Flights arranged by New Flight Charters serve all Jackson Hole regional airports including Jackson Hole(KJAC), Pinedale(KPNA), Driggs ID(KDIJ), Afton(KAFO), Dubois(U25), West Yellowstone MT(KWYS), and Idaho Falls ID(KIDA).

For more information or charter quotes, contact New Flight Charters at:
307-734-7751 or 800-732-1653.
Mailing address:
New Flight Charters
PO Box 4067
Jackson, WY 83001

Jackson Hole flights depart from:
Jackson Hole Aviation
1250 Airport Road
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

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