Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jackson Hole Jet Charter Flight Rates with Empty Legs or One-Way Discounts

An Informational Resource on Jackson Hole Jet Charter Rates and Pricing with Empty Legs, One-Ways and Traditional Air Charter

To those searching for private air charter flights to or from Jackson Hole, much emphasis is made in internet advertising about discounted one-way flights or "empty legs" - private jets that are already flying a certain direction and can be had for pennies on the dollar.

While that may be a bit overstated and an advertising hook to lure you in, there is usually a defininte, and sometimes significant, cost advantage in taking advantage of a discounted offer.  This is provided, of course, that your flight need is only one way, or your round trip flights are many days apart and a traditional charter aircraft would need to make two round trips to accomplish it.

Actually connecting with a Jackson or Wyoming private jet empty leg can be a rare event because the schedules and flight routes are very specific.  If you ask the airplane to deviate too far from its needed route, or if you need the flight on a different day or time, or if you need/prefer a different size or type aircraft, you may be better off with other charter options. 

Booking an empty leg listing for Jackson Hole is typically a non-cancellable affair, since the airplane needs to make that flight in a certain time frame and is counting on your fare.  Other charter options are usually fully cancelable up to 72, 48 or even 24 hours before the flight.  Be sure to get your cancellation details and check your charter quote paperwork.

Most often, one-way flight charters at a discount are best accomplished utilizing operators' floating fleets - aircraft that can be quoted and flown on a point-to-point basis - with better pricing than a traditional charter aircraft returning to base.

Exploring all your flight options, or using a quality and experienced jet charter service, will provide you with the full Jackson Hole jet charter listings of flight alternatives, aircraft and quotes to choose from.

Below are a sampling of actual Jackson Hole charters that were available within the past month.  The chart shows the aircraft and price compared to a traditional charter quote.

Flight Routing

Aircraft Available


Traditional Charter Quote

Jackson Hole WY - Scottsdale AZCitation Excel, midsize jet$4,900$14,142
San Diego CA - Jackson Hole WYCitation Mustang, light jet$4,900$7,880
Jackson Hole WY - Scottsdale AZHawker 700, midsize jet$7,900$12,550
Jackson Hole WY - San Diego CACitation Mustang, light jet$4,900$7,880
Jackson Hole WY - Scottsdale AZLearjet 35, light jet$5,900$8,800
Phoenix AZ - Jackson Hole WYHawker 700, midsize jet$7,900$13,870
Jackson Hole WY - Palm Springs CACitation Ultra, light jet$4,900$9,800
Denver CO - Jackson Hole WYCitation V, light jet$2,900$6,200
New York/Teterboro - Jackson Hole WYChallenger 601, large jet$29,900$42,075
Prices listed do not include taxes 7.5%

Those looking for a one way charter flight who are lured by advertised private jet empty legs for "pennies on the dollar", "make an offer!" or "cheap-cheap-cheap", may be disappointed when they are finally offered actual availability, terms or pricing.  However, very good pricing can be had for many routings by those with realistic expectations and by using expert, long term and reputable air charter brokers. 

Stay tuned to this column for a coming article and resource on evaluating and selecting quality air charter brokers.

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