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Business Jet Safety 2013 | Top 100 Empty Legs | Free Custom Catering

U.S. Business Jet Safety Improves Greatly in 2013

Corporate jets involved in fewer than 1/2 the accidents compared to prior year.


U.S.-registered business jets experienced significantly fewer total accidents and fatalities last year versus 2012 according to preliminary statistics gathered by Aviation International News. There was no improvement in the number of fatalities in accidents of non-US registered turbine business airplanes over the past two years. Corporate jets on the U.S. registry were involved in 14 accidents last year, compared with 34 in 2012. Although there were six fatal accidents in 2013, none occurred under Part-135 charter.  All six fatal crashes last year occurred with Part 91 regulated private 'owner flights'.  According to the preliminary data, turboprops on the U.S. registry incurred 28 nonfatal crashes last year versus 37 in 2012. Two of the fatal crashes last year involved on-demand Part 135 charter operations with the remainder occurring in private Part 91 operations.  In accidents involving non-U.S.-registered business jets, preliminary data shows six people died in two crashes last year compared with two killed in a single crash in 2012, all while flying privately under the equivalent of FAA Part 91.

Complimentary Custom Catering On Your Flight

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Empty Legs - The Best Values in Private Flying Empty Legs Private Jet Charters
Click to our Top 100 Empty Legs List.  Right now we are featuring the Top 100 empty legs which include top metro areas and popular vacation or resort spots.  Take advantage of industry-wide reach and let us know any upcoming flight needs.  We'll locate the best available matches and our Best Price Guarantee always applies.

A Few Selected Empty Legs & Discounted One-Way Flights: 
  • Jan 22-25:  Van Nuys CA - Teterboro NJ, Gulfstream IV large jet, only $29,000
  • Jan 23-25: Teterboro NJ - Aspen CO, Challenger 601 large jet, only $22,000
  • Jan 24-26: Van Nuys CA - Aspen CO, Challenger 601 large jet, Only $10,000
  • Jan 25:  Texas/OK - New Orleans LA, Falcon 20F midsize jet, starting at $8,000
  • Jan 25: Las Vegas NV - Teterboro NJ, Learjet 60 midsize jet, only $16,000
  • Jan 26-28:  Scottsdale AZ - New York, Beechjet 400A light jet, starting at $15,000
  • Jan 27-27:  So. California - Sun Valley ID, Learjet 60 midsize jet, starting at $8,000
  • Jan 29-30:  Colorado - Seattle WA, Citation VII midsize jet, starting at $12,000
  • Feb 1-2:  Chicago - Florida, Citation V,light jet starting at $11,000
  • Feb 1-3:  California - Jamaica, Gulfstream IV large jet, call for custom quote
  • Feb 8-11  Florida - OH/PA/WV area, Beechjet 400A light jet, starting at $10,000
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