Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 150 Jet Charter Empty Legs Listed by Jackson Hole's New Flight Charters

Empty Legs Private Jets Charter Jackson Hole Wyoming
Empty leg flights from point to point can represent 
the best values in private jet charter

All types of empty leg charters –  business turboprops through long range jets – available for Jackson Hole and throughout the U.S.

JACKSON HOLE, WYO - New Flight Charters announced today that it is making available over 150 jet charter empty legs focused on the top private jet destinations nationwide.
These empty legs are available across the country, and are created when an aircraft needs to move for one reason or another, such as to pick up its owner, or returning home from a factory servicing, or returning to base after a charter flight.
This need to move the aircraft can result in low point-to-point pricing, and can be the absolute best values in private jet charter.
For example, a typical empty leg can be booked at around 50% the cost of a regular jet charter.
Currently, a Los Angeles to Las Vegas empty leg in a Beechjet 400A seating 8, lists at $2,900. While, a normal charter rate for this routing is around $6,000.
Click to view the complete list of available empty legs nationwide.  Jackson Hole empty legs and Jackson Hole specials are here.
“The most common misperception is that empty legs are available between only those cities or airports listed,” said Rick Colson, President of New Flight Charters.
“Empty legs are usually listed as between two certain airports or cities because this is actually the departing and arrival points the aircraft is going, “he added.
“However, a charter can be flown anywhere along that very general route and direction. For example with a empty leg listed from Scottsdale, AZ to Philadelphia, PA, the aircraft can fly a charter from Los Angeles to New York at a discounted one-way price,” said Colson.
One-way charters may have a special cancellation clause because of their price advantage and their need to arrive at the other end.
The aircraft may have a charter booked after the current one-way, which is dependent on it being in that vicinity.
At any given time, hundreds of empty legs are scheduled in the jet charter industry.  New Flight Charters has culled them to 150 of the most popular destinations.  Any other destinations and routings can be searched by request.
Generally speaking floating fleet aircraft have a standard cancellation policy and true empty leg charters are non-cancelable upon booking.
Visit the nationwide empty legs list at or the specialty location Denver Jet Charter orColorado Empty Legs for Denver, Aspen and other Colorado private jet charters.

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