Friday, February 16, 2018

Jackson Hole Empty Leg Alert

Go to sunny Palm Springs!

This Piper Meridian is available from Jackson Hole, WY to Southern California this Monday. Palm Springs, CA is only $3,500. Regular charter rates $6K-7.5K. Call 800-732-1653 or email

List of all Jackson Hole empty legs here-

Jet charter pricing info here-…

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Flight Charters Highlighted in Industry Articles about Wheels Up and Charter Trends

New Flight Charters was referred to in an article about Wheels Up membership costs.

By comparison charter rates for the King Air 350 average around $2,000 per hour in the US including fees and surcharges, and charter rates for the Citation Excel/XLS average $3,850 per hour, according to Rick Colson, president of New Flight Charters, a nationwide leader with a best price guarantee on every flight.  The Wheels Up program may be advantageous for those who (1) are frequent users – more than 150 hours per year to bring the total costs per hour down, and who (2) typically fly one-way flights or round trips over many days, according to Colson.  “A membership fee does not mean better hourly rates or reliability that the market.  Look at your historical or expected usage and compare costs,” he says.

New Flight Charters was highlighted in an industry article on jet charter trends and companies.

Leading charter brokerage New Flight Charters announced in a national release about current jet charter trends and results: 12.5% increase in charter business overall lead by growth in midsize, super-midsize and heavy jets (+16%), and also turboprops (+18%) in that growing charter market segment.  International charters increased by 40% in 2017, led by flights to the Caribbean and Mexico.  Drivers to the growth included improved pricing options with floating fleets, personnel/service level, and increased repeat clients.  January 2018, it reports, continued the same trends.  The company offers the industry’s only “best price guarantee” for jet charter pricing and quotes.

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